What Makes Us One of the Best CBD Companies

Our Passion as a CBD Company

As one of the best CBD companies in the nation, we have a passion for quality. Five Leaf Laboratories was founded by a group of friends from Colorado and Louisiana, with backgrounds in the hemp, medical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory fields. Our source farm in Oregon started five years ago under the federal pilot program for the development of the hemp industry.

Our passion for utilizing what nature gives us freely has led our ongoing practices of only using sustainable farming methods. We believe that the best way for nature to provide for us is for us to treat nature with respect by utilizing clean, natural water sources in the mountains of Oregon. Our CBD company never uses pesticides or harsh chemicals, and hand inspects our crop as it grows, resulting in quality sourced, manufactured and delivered.

A Purpose that Matters

Our purpose is what sets us apart from other CBD companies. Every day we strive to reach the goals we laid out during the founding of our company. We aim to partner with medical institutions around the country to conduct FDA-approved clinical trials of CBD’s effectiveness for symptoms related to neurological disabilities, among other medical-related applications.

Our continuous effort is to set industry-leading procedures and standards to produce the highest possible quality of our products and establish a bar above the rest. Our customers trust in our philosophies and products, knowing they will always get the safest and most advanced product on the market.

A Product that Delivers

We specialize in hemp-derived CBD products, emphasizing the highest medical and laboratory standards, and focusing on the medicinal properties of CBD. Our products are sourced from organic, pesticide-free hemp, and our farm utilizes an advanced genetic strain of hemp, which maximizes CBD concentration for health benefits while minimizing THC levels to fall within the strictest accordance of the US Federal Law.

Through using natural hemp with minimal amounts of THC, our products have none of the psychoactive effects that come with higher levels of THC. All products are laboratory tested to ensure consistency, safety, and efficacy before distribution. We strive to maintain the highest quality products on the market that emphasize a healthy and safe way to improve lives.

Ready to Feel the Difference?